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Educational Fontware designs and sells handwriting fonts in many styles for teachers, specialists, and homeschoolers. We're excited to add the CursiveLogic™ fonts to our offerings. CursiveLogic™ is a very powerful teaching method that produces good results, quickly.

We haven't yet put the CursiveLogic™ fonts onto the DVD with all our other fonts, so this offer is for download only. Note that use of these fonts is limited to academic use only, no commercial use at all. If you want to make and sell something using these fonts, please contact us and we can discuss it.

The License to Use costs $49.95. Clicking on a button below will take you to PayPal for secure payment. You will receive a download link within a couple of minutes. Follow the instructions, and you will be up and running in a few more minutes.

But before you start running, Read the User Guide, pages 5-6 to find out how to link the letters together into cursive words. It's easy to do, and think how embarrassed you will be if you call our Tech Support complaining that the letters don't link, and they ask if you have Read the User Guide. (It's the first thing we ask.)

Purchase Macintosh CursiveLogic fonts: Buy Now

Purchase Windows CursiveLogic fonts: Buy Now


Need both Mac and Windows? Buy one and send us an email asking for the other, and we'll send you a link for the other, free.

Sometime in the future, we will incorporate the CursiveLogic fonts onto our regular Teacher Pack DVD, and send you the new DVD free. Really. If you want the current DVD, we'll send you one for an additional $5, then the new one with CL, free.

Send us e-mail: efi@educationalfontware.com

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